Anne of Green Gables Returns to PBS in The Good Stars 

This Thanksgiving, a more grown-up Anne faces more grown-up challenges.

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Our favorite fiery red-head returns on November 23 in The Good Stars—PBS’ sequel to the their 2016 adaptation of Anne of Green Gables. Now comfortably settled in Avonlea, this latest installment sees Anne navigate the strange wilderness of being a teenager.

Much has changed since we saw orphan Anne (Ella Ballentine) come to Prince Edward Island. She’s found a “bosom friend” in Diana Barry and become the adoptive daughter of brother-sister duo, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert (played by Martin Sheen and Sara Botsford, respectively). She’s still up to her usual trouble-making antics, of course, but things have gotten a little more...confusing, now that romance has been introduced to the equation. 

“One part of me wants to be 12 again,” Anne says in the trailer, before lamenting that being a teen is “much more complicated than even I imagined.”

While 11-year-old Anne hit Gilbert Blythe (Drew Haytaoglu) over the head with a writing slate, 13-year-old Anne is hit by an unexpected wave of affection for him. Indeed, the trailer hints that their schoolyard animosity will slowly evolve into a puppy love that carries over into their adult lives.

L.M. Montgomery’s 27-book saga has always been a mainstay of popular culture, but the series has enjoyed several adaptations in recent years. Netflix debuted its decidedly darker interpretation, Anne with an "E", in March and has announced plans for a 2018 season two premiere. Similarly, PBS' The Good Stars isn’t the last time we’ll see Ella Ballentine in the role of Anne—a third installment, titled Fire & Dew, will also hit the small screens next year.

Revisit the story that started it all before The Good Stars premieres on November 23 at 8pm EST on PBS.

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Featured still from "Anne of Green Gables" via Breakthrough Entertainment