The Best Father's Day Gifts for Book Lovers in 2020

Perfect presents for Dad.

balloons spelling dad on background of ties

Shopping for Dad is always difficult, and the current state of the world hasn't made it any easier, especially when you're not quarantined in the same space as your parents. If your go-to Father's Day gift is dinner at a nice restaurant, seeing a movie or baseball game together together or even going fishing, you may be stumped at what to buy this year.

Lucky for you, we've done the hard work of finding all the best Father's Day gifts you can buy this year—and for bonus gifts, picked the perfect book to go with each one! 

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For dads who like to grill

Grilling Spice Gift Set

grilling spices, a great father's day gift

If your dad is a self-proclaimed grill master, spice up his game with these delicious, well, spices. The basic spice mix set is shown above, but you can also get All-Star Barbecue and Hot and Spicy varieties. Plus, once quarantine's over, you might get to benefit from this present for your dad, too.

Bonus book gift: James Beard's The Complete Book of Outdoor Cookery 

For dads who miss baseball season

Baseball Double Feature

moneyball and trouble with the curve, great fathers day gifts

We know—everything's on streaming nowadays, but if your baseball-loving dad would rather pop in a blu-ray or DVD, then this two-for-one movie deal is just the ticket.

Bonus book gift: Roger Angell's Five Seasons  

For dads who love action thrillers

Bullet Rocks Glass

bullet rocks glass - best fathers day gifts

Just picture it—your dad, re-reading his favorite Ian Fleming novel (or the below book that inspired the movie Three Days of the Condor) and sipping Scotch from this glass with a real copper bullet in it. You know he'd love it, so what are you waiting for?

Bonus book gift: James Grady's Six Days of the Condor 

For dads who love Star Wars

Death Star Popcorn Maker

best father's day gifts death star popcorn maker

Any Star Wars fan can have a movie marathon of the classic films—but not everyone gets to do it while eating popcorn made by a Death Star popcorn machine.

Bonus book gift: Joe Haldeman's The Forever War 

For dads who appreciate chemistry

Chemistry 101 Flask Book

chemistry book flask - best father's day gifts

Admit it: You've always wanted a hollowed out book to hide your personal belongings, and you're sure your dad does, too. Science geeks will love tucking away their favorite alcohol, also known as C2H5OH, in this hidden book flask.

Bonus book gift: John C. Powers' Inventing Chemistry 

For dads who love GoT

Game of Thrones Trivia Game

Game of Thrones trivia - best father's day gifts

Though Game of Thrones finished its last season in 2019, you know what your dad would say: "What is dead may never die." Keep him occupied while he waits for the upcoming prequel series with the comprehensive trivia game, straight from HBO.

Bonus book gift: Dave Duncan's The Reluctant Swordsman 

For dads who really, really love their dogs

Treat Tossing Dog Camera

dog camera - best father's day gifts

If your dad is becoming more bonded than ever before with his dog, you'll want to have this nifty camera ready for when quarantines are completely lifted. 

Bonus book gift: Jack London's The Call of the Wild 

For dads who love horror

Creepy Crate Subscription

creepy crate, a horror subscription box

If your dad can't get enough Vincent Price films and Cold Case reports, then this subscription box is the perfect gift. Every other month he'll receive a box full of horror books and creepy collectibles.

Bonus book gift: Elizabeth Hand's Wylding Hall 

For dads who love the great outdoors

Camping Hammock

best fathers day gifts - camping hammock

Whether he's a day hiker or takes days-long camping trips (or even just likes to take a nap during family trips to the park), this surprisingly affordable hammock is sure to get a lot of use. 

Bonus book gift: Barry H. Lopez's Arctic Dreams 

For dad who love Dad Jokes


punderdome, one of the best father's day gifts

If your dad's favorite pastime is coming up with groan-inducing jokes–and you're okay with encouraging even more–then this pun-based board game is the best Father's Day gift you can get for him. “With the right mix of people you’ll be rewarded (or punished, depending on your tolerance for puns) when the mix of “Beatles” and “diner” leads to people singing lines like “I want to hold your ham…” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Sandwich...””—A.V. Club

Bonus book gift: Ian Allen's The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes 

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Featured photo via Tim Mossholder / Unsplash 

Published on 9 Jun 2020