9 Books for Fans of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

These female sleuths would earn Phryne's seal of approval.

Buy Murder Under the Palms at Amazon

Murder Under the Palms

By Stefanie Matteson

Buy The Deeds of the Disturber at Amazon

The Deeds of the Disturber

By Elizabeth Peters

Buy A Pinch of Poison at Amazon

A Pinch of Poison

By Frances Lockridge and Richard Lockridge

Buy The Chinese Shawl at Amazon

The Chinese Shawl

By Patricia Wentworth

Buy Speedy Death at Amazon

Speedy Death

By Gladys Mitchell

Buy Naughty in Nice at Amazon

Naughty in Nice

By Rhys Bowen

Buy After the Armistice Ball at Amazon

After the Armistice Ball

By Catriona McPherson

Buy Stephanie Plum One, Two, Three at Amazon

Stephanie Plum One, Two, Three

By Janet Evonovich

Buy Death at Wentwater Court at Amazon

Death at Wentwater Court

By Carola Dunn