35 Fun and Funny Book Club Names

Get your book club members on the same page with these puntastic names.


Book clubs are the best, literally. Whether you crave a scheduled reading time, you’re looking for some new book recommendations, or you just want a space to gush about your favorite characters, book clubs provide an ideal community to share your thoughts and have fun with some like-minded bookworms.  

There are several well-established book clubs, like Oprah’s Book Club and Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, but you can also start your own! Maybe you want to stick to murder mysteries or high fantasy novels? Perhaps you want to enjoy some tasty treats or sip some wine while you discuss plot details? Regardless, if you’re thinking of setting up a book club, you’ll probably need a catchy name—we can’t all be Oprah! 

Don’t stress! Below we’ve gathered 35 fun and funny book club names to give you some imagination inspiration.  Feel free to use any of these names or tweak them a bit to fit your club! And if you’re interested in joining our bookish community, check out our Facebook page, where we got some of these clever club names.

35 Fun and Funny Book Club Names

  1. The Old Paper Smellers 
  2. The Book Was Better 
  3. The Bookends
  4. The Pageturners 
  5. The Last Page 
  6. Spoiler Alert
  7. The OTP Club (One True Pairing)
  8. Book-ish
  9. Get Booked
  10. Hooked on a Book
  11. Kindles and Candles
  12. Baby Got Books
  13. Shelf Love Book Club
  14. Treat Your Shelf
  15. The TBR Book Club (To-Be-Read)
  16. The Breakfast Book Club
  17. The Open Books
  18. Under the Covers Book Club
  19. Literal Trash Book Club
  20. The Lit Squad
  21. Namaste Home and Read
  22. The Perfictionists
  23. Chicklits
  24. Flights of Fantasy
  25. The Grim Readers
  26. Gory Stories 
  27. The Regency Readers
  28. The Read Wine Club
  29. Wines and Spines
  30. Top Shelf Book Club
  31. Belly up to the Bookcase
  32. Wine & Crime Book Club
  33. The Novel-tea Book Club
  34. Books and (Coffee) Beans 
  35. The BMW Club (Books, Movies, Wine)