The Jewish memorial in Berlin, Germany
Buy Escape from Sobibor at Amazon

Escape from Sobibor

By Richard Rashke

Buy Fragments of Isabella at Amazon

Fragments of Isabella

By Isabella Leitner

Buy The Last Jews in Berlin at Amazon

The Last Jews in Berlin

By Leonard Gross

Buy Holocaust Journey at Amazon

Holocaust Journey

By Martin Gilbert

Buy Jack and Rochelle at Amazon

Jack and Rochelle

By Jack Sutin and Rochelle Sutin

Buy Survival in the Shadows at Amazon

Survival in the Shadows

By Barbara Lovenheim

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Other People's Houses

By Lore Segal

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By Antonio Muñoz Molina

Buy The Last Jew of Treblinka at Amazon

The Last Jew of Treblinka

By Chil Rajchman

Buy King of the Jews at Amazon

King of the Jews

By Leslie Epstein

Buy Death Had Two Sons at Amazon

Death Had Two Sons

By Yaël Dayan

Buy Clifford's Blues at Amazon

Clifford's Blues

By John A. Williams

Buy An Underground Life at Amazon

An Underground Life

By Gad Beck

Buy From Holocaust to Harvard at Amazon

From Holocaust to Harvard

By John Stoessinger

Buy Rena's Promise at Amazon

Rena's Promise

By Rena Kornreich Gelissen

Buy Alma Rosé at Amazon

Alma Rosé

By Richard Newman and Karen Kirtley

Published on 12 Apr 2018