The Past Is Present: Our Favorite Historical Fiction Novels

Lose yourself in a different era.


Europe in the 1900s

Buy Midnight Train to Prague at Amazon

Midnight Train to Prague

By Carol Windley

America in the 1920s

Buy The Rich Are Different at Amazon

The Rich Are Different

By Susan Howatch

19th and 20th Century Wales

Buy China Court at Amazon

China Court

By Rumer Godden

England in the 1700s

1850s California

Buy Calico Palace at Amazon

Calico Palace

By Gwen Bristow

America in the 1960s

Buy Home in the Morning at Amazon

Home in the Morning

By Mary Glickman

Vietnam in the early 1900s

Buy The Tapestries at Amazon

The Tapestries

By Kien Nguyen

1778 Wales

Buy The Ladies at Amazon

The Ladies

By Doris Grumbach

1920s Russia and America

1793 Philadelphia

Fever 1793, a historical fiction book for teens

Fever 1793

By Laurie Halse Anderson

1167 Mongolia

Buy Ruler of the Sky at Amazon

Ruler of the Sky

By Pamela Sargent

12th Century Feudal Japan

Buy The Disfavored Hero at Amazon

The Disfavored Hero

By Jessica Amanda Salmonson

1900s China and America

Buy God's Men at Amazon

God's Men

By Pearl S. Buck

1940s and 1950s America

Buy Seasons of the Heart at Amazon

Seasons of the Heart

By Cynthia Freeman

1800s America

Buy From Everlasting to Everlasting at Amazon

From Everlasting to Everlasting