6 Books to Read Over the Winter Holidays

Whatever you’re doing this winter, make time for one of these great reads.

open book with glasses and coffee on a reindeer printed background

Prompt #1: Read a Historical Mystery

penny for your secrets by anna lee huber, a historical mystery

Penny for Your Secrets

By Anna Lee Huber

Prompt #2: Read a Self-Help Book

joy seeker by shannon kaiser, a self help book

Joy Seeker

By Shannon Kaiser

Prompt #3: Read a Hollywood Memoir

full circle, a hollywood memoir by andrea barber

Full Circle

By Andrea Barber

Prompt #4: Read a Holiday Book

a snowy little christmas by fern michaels, tara sheets and kate clayborn

A Snowy Little Christmas

By Fern Michaels, Tara Sheets, Kate Clayborn

Prompt #5: Read a Thriller

no man's land, a thriller book by sara driscoll

No Man's Land

By Sara Driscoll

Prompt #6: Read a Feel-Good Book

Mac on a hot tin roof, an animal fiction book by melinda metz

Mac on a Hot Tin Roof

By Melinda Metz