14 Fantastic Things That Can Happen at the Library

The most magical place on Earth? We think so.

fantastic library

In our crazy, high speed world, sometimes we need a little peace and quiet. For us bookworms, there's no better place to get it than at the local public library. 

But the library is more than just a place to relax—it's also a place of community, discovery, creativity, and wonder. Don't believe us? We've created an index of all the incredible things that can happen when you're sitting among the books, browsing the shelves, or nodding off on the comfy couch in the corner...

You can take home any book you want. For free.

(You do have to bring it back, though.)

More than one, even.

Let's go ahead and make it a baker's dozen.

Why stop at books? You can get movies too!

We do love movies!

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You may rediscover an old favorite...

There's nothing like re-reading a childhood favorite .

Or stumble upon something entirely new.

You can research answers to all your questions.

Spoiler alert: Libraries are one of the best places to find a book from a vague description

And access the resources you need to study and learn.

Surrounded by so many great books, you might even write the next bestseller.

You could be the next J.K. Rowling or Graham Greene

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You'll probably find a novel that takes your imagination for a ride.

Perhaps an epic fantasy book, with dragons and trolls and wizards and goblins and elves and who knows what else.

Or a nonfiction book that teaches you something new.

You heard it here first: nonfiction equals non-boring

You might have a chance encounter between the stacks...

(And if you don't, you could still read about one in a steamy historical romance novel.)

Or find some much-needed peace and quiet.

Perhaps in the poetry section

You can attend author readings and participate in other community events.

And then you'll meet people who love books just as much as you!

You may even find yourself in a book club with some new people!