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Book Recommendations for the Summer Reading Challenge 2019

Choose books from our recommendation lists to complete your reading prompts.

If you've signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge 2019, downloaded the reading prompts, and are still not sure what to read, you're in luck! The Early Bird Books team has curated a selection of books to help you meet your summer reading goals. 

These book recommendations cover a variety of topics and genres. Whether you're a fan of biographies and memoirs or are looking to start a new mystery series, you'll find plenty of new books to add to your TBR list. 

Check out the prompts below, and click through to see our recommendations for each. 

A book with a strong female protagonist 

A mystery or thriller written by an international author  

A book that inspires you to travel 

A book from a diverse voice 

A book in a mystery or thriller series 

A book that pairs well with wine 

A moving biography or memoir  

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