Best Book Club Books For Every Kind of Group

We've all been there—it's your turn to choose a book or bring suggestions for the next book club meeting, and you just have no idea where to begin. Have no fear! No matter what the vibe of your book club is, we’ve got you covered. With every new season, the editors of Early Bird Books put together a list of great book club books, giving you an excellent archive to dig through. We also have dedicated lists of good book club books for women, for YA readers, and even book club books that are perfect for quarantine.

Though there are all kinds of different books in the list below, each one is highly discussable and not too long. Whether your book club loves edgy thrillers, award winning lit fic, books that are about to be adapted into movies or even prefers to follow along with celebrity book clubs, you're guaranteed to find something that will pique your interest.

P.S.—Make sure your discussion goes well by checking out our list of book club questions for any novel!


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